Expedition 1984 – Rupina La, Nepal


Sleep studies in collaboration with John Coote and A Nicholson (RAF)
Acetazolamide and exercise
Changes in muscle mass
The effect of acetazolamide and altitude on red cell 2,3 diphosphoglycerate.


Jo Bradwell
Martin Bradwell
John Coote
Frank Davies
Nev Richardson
Ian Chesner
John Simmons
John Milles
Goronwy Jones
David Siviter
Simon Morrissey
Tim Harvey
Ginette Harrison
Peter Forster
John Taverner
Pete Smith
Jonathan Evans
Peter Dykes
Mike Winterborn

Happy memories from Tim Harvey…

We all set off from Kathmandu and then from near Gorka, proceeded over and along a ridge, (?Barpak) slaughtered a goat than a buffalo. Then Gron Martin (and I) went down to Baudha whilst the others proceeded down a deep gorge and then up to a camp on a glacier at Rupina La (3764m) where I caught up later. Ginette and yourself pioneered an ascent of Samru (5670m) and Jo, Simon, Siviter, myself and at least two others climbed it the following day. (?Davies ? Winterborn) Ginette was disabled with snow blindness and the generators wouldn’t work at altitude.

On returning down the valley – a very long way – we lost Chesner but later refound him two days later. I remember a row between Coote and yourself about responsibility. Peter Smith nearly ‘copped it’ during a smoking experiment!

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